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Wild video for this blippy, poppy single. Here's the press & video.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Sep 7, 2011

International DJ, producer and label chief Sander Kleinenberg is back with a fine new single entitled ‘Closer’ on his own THIS IS Recordings imprintTaken from Sander’s début artist album ‘5k’, ‘Closer’ features the vocals of Neil Ormandy and samples from the Sputnik space transmission archives.

Sander wastes little time getting straight to the point with ‘Closer’. After a short intro, which features the Sputnik space transmission samples, the vocals and full drum arrangement are thrown into the mix to instantly catch the listener’s attention. ‘Closer’ has a lively, edgy, yet also deep and impassioned feel. The pulsing bass line, sharp synth stabs and keen drum arrangement see the track fit right at home on the dance floor and festival stages but the added depth and emotion from the vocals mean that ‘Closer’ is a good fit for radio too.A track that speaks of ambition and making a difference, but also at the same time realising you have never really left your roots behind. ‘Closer’ is the result of a fruitful collaboration that combines Sander’s production knowhow with Neil Ormandy’s vocal contribution, the finished article is something really quite special.

‘Closer’ also comes complete with an exciting remix package featuring the likes of diskJokke, Funkagenda and Dirty Flavor. The diskJokke remix takes a more down tempo approach to the original featuring vintage style synths that give the track a true depth. Funkagenda takes a more minimal, progressive approach to the original with a solid 4x4 beat, undulating bass line and sparing use of the originals vocals. Finally the Dirty Flavor remix offers something slightly different with tough beats and an ample use of the original vocals which are put to good use during an epic build up towards the end of the track.

All in all this completes another strong production from Sander and his THIS IS Recordings imprint which continues to grow from strength to strength with every release.

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