Carl Cox Asks his Fans for a Name

Carl Cox will release his third album shortly, and he's asked the fans to name it!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Oct 23, 2001

He's had quite a few good suggestions, although "some of them have been, um, interesting shall we say?" states Carl on his official website.

Here's some examples we swiped from the site (

"Illumination; Underground Love; Ultimate Base; Because An Alien; Electronic Honeymoon" (electronmike)

"You Can Always Hear What U Want; Cox In The Middle Of Your Sphere; C(ox)21; Stand Up For Cox; Solution; Different Square Equal; C2B (it stand for Cox to Brothers); CoXPeople; DisCoXPeople (it includes Disco, Company, XP, People)..." (Austrian Houseman)

"Still Original" (Saskia)

"InCoxicated" (Lissa)

"Parotate ( The words 'past' and 'rotate' are in it)" (Will)

"Compatibility" (Ben)

"Ear Respected" (Jean)

"Back To Beyond" (Christian)

"The Innovator; Innovation; God" (RPallant)

"CoXiTeD" (Cyriel)

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