Britney Spears' "Till the World Ends" Is On Web

A club smash?

Posted by billd on Thu Mar 3, 2011

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Britney Spears' latest single, "Till the World Ends," hit the web this afternoon and is poised to be a club smash. The track was posted by Perez Hilton after speculation earlier in the day that the song would go on the radio next week.

The Ke$ha-written, Dr. Luke/Max Martin-produced track is fast-paced and should have listeners "dancing till the world ends," says MTV. Ke$ha recently dished about the track to, noting that it is about the power of an artist performing a great gig. "That song is me imagining her and any female musician touring the world," she said. "You know, when you go out, and you're having an amazing, magical night and you don't want to go to sleep and you want it to last until the world ends."

"Till the World Ends" is the second single from Spears' new album Femme Fatale, set to drop March 29.

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