Britney Spears Going 'More Edgy' On New Album

Note to self: cheesy pick-up lines are the basis for hit songs.

Posted by billd on Mon Jan 24, 2011

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While Britney Spears's latest single, "Hold It Against Me," provided an upbeat glimpse of her new album, what should we expect the rest of the work to sound like? Songwriter Claude Kelly, who composed several tracks for the pop star's still-untiled album, tells People "It's way more edgy than the last album."

Though Kelly admits he's not completely sure what the "final product is going to be," he does mention that Spears, 29, is returning to the edgier sounds of 2007's Blackout, saying "[It's] more in the vein of the album before....[2008's Circus] was more clean pop. [Its purpose] was to reintroduce Britney to the world as the pop princess."

As the first single also indicates, Spears, who Tweeted from her "Hold It Against Me" video shoot this weekend, has new tunes that are definitely club-worthy. Listen to the "Hold it Against Me" single here:

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