Brighton Big Beach Boutique Revisited

Will Brighton allow a repeat to last year's unmanageable crowds? Get the update right here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Dec 30, 2002

Brighton council met this week to discuss the possibility of another Big Beach Boutique party on Brighton seafront. Last years event attracted more than 250,000 party goers to the seaside resort in East Sussex, UK.

Norman cook aka Fat Boy Slim first done this type of event in the summer of 2001 and attracted about 35,000 people which the police say was managable, but last years event caused a bit more of a storm, with 250,000 people all making their way to Brighton, roads got jammed, the rail system was crippled for a couple of hours and shops and businessess saw record sales for alcohol!

Brighton Council have said they would not entertain another such event in 2003, however would look at the possibility of another one in 2004? They have said they need to meet with Norman and discuss the arrangements and try to keep the numbers to a set amount.

We all hope that thing's can be sorted and another Big Beach Boutique takes place in the summer of 2004.

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