Breaks Master Rennie Pilgrem Releases Album

Its been about four years since Rennie Pilgrem released an album and it was definitely worth the wait. Read our review of 'Pilgremage' and listen to a few tracks right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Sep 25, 2004

Music News
I'm into anything with a groove. Although I have an affinity to Trance and House, I don't discriminate against genres. If a Hip-Hop or even a Hardcore track has a good groove, makes my head bob when working or driving, that's cool with me. That having been said, I was never totally into the Breakbeat or Nu-Skool off-shoot. I mean, there are a few artists that I do like, but never would I seek it out. That is until I head the promo CD for Rennie Pilgrem's latest release "Pilgremmage".

I've been listening to this CD for the past week and am completely hooked. The bass, the melody, the BREAKS. Rennie masterfully constructs a dichotomy of styles on one album. With Punk, Jazz and even a touch of House thrown in, the CD satisfies fans craving diversity in their music. My favorite track is Gladiator; brutal, gritty with a vocal dig at Techno.

Vital Details
Artist: Rennie Pilgrem
Album: Pilgremmage
Release: November 23, 2004 on Thursday Club Recordings

  1. Attention {MP3}
  2. Defender
  3. Sanctified
  4. Gladiator
  5. Coming Up For Air (with Sara Whittaker-Gilbey) {MP3}
  6. Fuego 2 (with Uberzone)
  7. Celeb (with MC Chickaboo)
  8. Trevor Pistol
  9. Go Back
  10. Atlantis
  11. Acid Part 3
  12. Zero - Emit/Collect (Rennie Pilgrem Remix)

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