Bootleg Alert: Marco V Remixes Coldplay

DJ Marco V, one of Hollandís biggest DJ's along-side Tiesto, was asked recently by EMI Holland for a remix of Coldplay's Clocks. It's been soaring on the charts ever since and you can check it out right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Jul 18, 2003

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Marco and his partner, Benjamin Bates happened to like the song and was already a huge fan of the band. Shortly after being approached, they produced a track which was finished in November.

Marco and Benjamin had no clue they it would blow up and cause a buzz at EMI's headoffice in the UK. After all the attention from the remix, it was then sent to Coldplay for their opinion.

Coldplay responded in a surprising positive manner saying that they where impressed on how the remix changed the track completely but still kept the feeling of the original. It's not officially released as Coldplay wants to keep their sound pure without any official remixes.

With all the talk that this bootleg created in Europe this remix has caught on. Tiesto, Fergie, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten were the only ones to receive an actual pressed copy of this remix, which by the way all play it.

This track is now in heavy rotation on internetDJRadio.

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