Bon Jovi, AC/DC, U2 Top Concert Tours of 2010

Who had the top grossing tour in 2010?

Posted by billd on Wed Dec 29, 2010

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 Bon Jovi posts the highest grossing world tour of the year, followed by AC/DC, U2, Lady Gaga and Metallica. The New Jersey rock group gained the title after topping the $200 million mark worldwide, earning $108 million from its North American world tour dates alone, according to figures released Tuesday by Pollstar, the concert-tracking publication.

AC/DC came in second on Pollstar's worldwide ranking list, with gross ticket sales of nearly $180 million. Following in the Top 5 were U2 ($161 million), Lady Gaga ($134 million) and Metallica ($110 million). Looking at the concert business as a whole, this year’s Top 50 North American tours combined for an overall take of $1.69 billion, which is down about 15% (from $1.99 billion) earned in 2009.

Pollstar plans to release a full Top 200 Tour list early next month in its 2010 Year End Special Edition.


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