Boards of Canada Return with New Album

Preliminary details on the new album are here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun May 5, 2013

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Fans rejoice as a new album from Boc is on it's way but getting the details about it proved to be a bit of a challenge. The Scottish electronic music duo of Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin developed an interesting take on the announcement. They setup a unique virtual game to help promote the prospect of their new album. The game involved finding spreading codes around the internet and then entering them in the correct order on

If you're not into the whole online scavenger hunt thing the bottom line is that the new album by Boards of Canada is 'Tomorrow's Harvest' and it will be released on Tuesday June 11th in North America on Warp Records. The track list is as follows:

  1. 01. Gemini
  2. 02. Reach For The Dead
  3. 03. White Cyclosa
  4. 04. Jacquard Causeway
  5. 05. Telepath
  6. 06. Cold Earth
  7. 07. Transmisiones Ferox
  8. 08. Sick Times
  9. 09. Collapse
  10. 10. Palace Posy
  11. 11. Split Your Infinities
  12. 12. Uritual
  13. 13. Nothing Is Real
  14. 14. Sundown
  15. 15. New Seeds
  16. 16. Come To Dust
  17. 17. Semena Mertvykh

Check out the BoC Transmission video

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