Big Beach Boutique Update: Outlook Hopeful

The story continunes about the troubled Brighton event that became too popular. The Council has officially met. Get the latest details right here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jan 9, 2003

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Well as i reported in my previous article about the Big Beach Boutique phenomenon, the Brighton and Hove council met last week to discuss the future of Norman Cooks beach partys.

The council and the police met in chambers to discuss the previous event and what went wrong in respect of public official attendance i.e: Police, Ambulance and the likes. The police have admitted that they were caught off guard, and if they had known what the response was going to be they would have called in more officers. However they have also given a hint of hope for futher events, by saying that they would have no problem in the future if thing's were co-ordinated a bit more.

Norman when asked about the possibility of another event has said " Itís about 50-50. In Brighton thereís a positive attitude. The idea was to have a laugh. When I go shopping in Waitrose, everyone says to me ĎYouíve got to do it againí. The thing is I canít do it again unless I can guarantee safety."

Norman is determined not to charge for future events and has vowed to look into ways of keeping it a free event for all.

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