Benny Benassi Breaks into Mainstream with Wendy's Commercial

'Satisfaction'. That ubiquitous single from a few years back with the infectious synth-line and bikini clad women is now supporting the fast-food generation.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Nov 25, 2005

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This month welcomes a new breath of life for the Benny Benassi single "Satisfaction" featured in a commercial for fast-food giant Wendy's. The original 12" for Satisfaction came out in May 2003.

The video features a number of multi-pattied burgers flexing to Mr. Benassi's beats much like the lights of a graphic equalizer or a spectrum analyzer. Your can see a poor quality version of the commercial below along with the original video with the chicks working some power tools which looks not wholly unlike a commercial for Sears.

Watch the Videos
Wendy's Commercial {WMV}
Original Music Video {Quicktime}

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