Ben Lost Releases Lost Language Mix

Ben Lost, famed A&R man for such classics as Solar Stone's 'Seven Cities' and Energy 52's 'Cafe Del Mar', released a set of the best tracks and remixes from the Lost Language label. Details here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Aug 9, 2004

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Re:vive Sessions: Lost Language is an amazing looking back onto the back catalogue of Lost Language and the tracks which shaped the ever present trance scene in it's hayday. If you were a regular in the past years of Gatecrasher and Cream, then you would be very familiar with alot of these tracks as many became anthems for DJs and clubbers alike.

Lost Language exhibition which is a 2 disc compilation mixed by Ben Lost. The release covers all the great songs and remixes from the label and just by skimming over the tracklisting you will see the really what they have achieved in their time.

Over the years few labels can boast such a fine selection of tracks as Lost Language. Here, over two disks beautifully mixed by Ben Lost, are 22 marvelous tracks molded in to two uplifting sessions of the best dance music in the world. There are so many great tracks here, such as Miro's 'By Your Side' (Sonorous Mix) and Probspot - Midnight, U&K - Switchback, and Tilt - Goodbye that you will listen to the two plus hours of music on these disks and wonder where the time went.

Track Listing
CD1 (Mixed)
  1. Recluse - Isle Dauphine (Probspot Mix)
  2. Miro - By Your Side (Sonorous Mix)
  3. Espen & Elusive - Poetic Penetration
  4. Critical7 - Lost
  5. Tilt - The World Doesnt Know
  6. Probspot - Midnight
  7. Ozgur Can - On A White Day
  8. Little Wonder - Eclipse (Leama & Moor Mix)
  9. Sonorous - Second Sun (Leama & Moor Mix)
  10. 8 Wonders - 8th Wonder
  11. Empire State - Andironda
CD2 (Mixed)
  1. U&K - Drop
  2. Probspot - Satisfaction
  3. Recluse - Yellow Moon (Octagen Mix)
  4. U&K - Switchback
  5. Young Parisians Ft Ben Lost - Jump The Next Train
  6. Ozgur Can - Irony
  7. Jano Acta - Fludent Fiction
  8. Tilt - Goodbye
  9. Luminary - My World (Pash Mix)
  10. Odyssee - Dreamcatcher
  11. Empire State - Niagara
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