Belgian band Secret Wish is creating worldwide attention

Secret Wish have released their first single Flick of a Switch worldwide.

Posted by kurtvervaet on Sun Sep 12, 2010

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(Press Release) Secret wish are an electronic duo from Belgium. Heidi Pintens sings and Kurt Vervaet does all the other bits and sings as well. They jam pop and dance music together in order to put a smile on your face get you up and dancing. Its pure bubblegum, dancey stuff.

One thing about Secret Wish, they are not trying to tell you they are something they are not. It will get your tail twitching for the dancefloor. If you like your pop dancey with a good dash of cheese, you found your platter!

Their first single "Flick of a Switch" is creating worldwide attention and made it already up to the Chinese market. As a result of this has this record been signed by one of the leading dance labels there (Dungsing Records).  Furthermore, this record has also entered the DDK Dance Charts in the US, the German DJ Charts, and have had radio pluggings all over Europe and far beyond to name a few.

Have a listen to all the radio edits & remixes at ReverbNation.  They are also making a big noise across North America-- you can grab the singles via iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, EMusic, etc., with mixes from DJ Maurizzio, Klubjumpers and Jay Kite. Ever wonder why girls listen to dance radio shows or love club music? Listen to the lyrics of this track and you'll know, then give it a spin to keep them girls listening to your show or swinging their curves on the dancefloor.

The duo have already been featured on TV shows throughout Europe and will shortly be traveling to Paris, France for an interview at radio station NRJ’s headquarters. In addition to all of this exposure, Secret Wish also appeared on Belgium beauty contest Look Of The Year increasing their profile even further in their home country.

The popularity of Secret Wish is still increasing worldwide thanks to the hard work from their promotion manager called "Goudket Services". They've been working internationally to promote the band even further. If you want to know more about Secret Wish do not hesitate to contact Goudket Services via email.

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