Band Aid Xmas 2004 Remake a Disaster?

Bono's back again with a new crop of recent pop stars. Reviews have been mixed for the remake of the 1984 Christmas single from the Band Aid charity. Falls way short in our opinion. Listen to samples and decide for yourself.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Nov 17, 2004

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Stations are banning it from their airwaves because its "Rubbish". Paul McCartney was so exhausted after recording his bit that he collapsed on the floor. The original cover was banned by record execs because it might frighten small children. Madonna introduces the music video. What else can go wrong?

Twenty years ago a few artists formed Band Aid (namely Bono, George Michael, Phil Collins, Duran Duran and Banana-rama) and released the song "Do They Know Its Christmas". Think hard, they play it every year... the end chorus is "Feeeeed Thuuuh Wooooorld" over and over again. It was (and is again) for a great cause of course. The new version of this song will raise money for food aid in Darfur, Sudan, when it is commercially released on 29 November. (So go buy it now. Twenty copies.)

The newly released version, featuring artists including Bono, Coldplay's Chris Martin and Dido, is a remake of the 1984 original. It also features a reworked chorus, rapping from Dizzee Rascal, guitar riffs from The Darkness, and Martin on the piano. Many people say the rapping at the end of the track is a travesty. The video, which premieres on BBC One Thursday November 18th, features stars including Joss Stone, Jamelia, and Busted, who also took part in the recording sessions over the past weekend.

The thing is, there has been such strange news about what should have been a smooth promotional release. Here are a few article links we found about the Band Aid single:

"I did it and I did it better than him - so, his management kicked up a stink" says The Darness' Justin Hawkins after his vocals were replaced by Bono's.

The track sounded a little like "celebrity karaoke" says Malcolm Mackenze, BBC TOTP.

Station bans Band Aid song because it's "rubbish". (I love that word rubbish. I'm going to use it once per day from now on.)

Damien Hirst's Band Aid cover banned, frightens small children.

Catholics and Campaigners attack lyrics... again.

McCartney collapsed after Band Aid recording. Maybe he heard Madonna was involved AFTER he finished singing.

You Decide
MP3 Sample: Old Goodness (1984)
MP3 Sample: New Blandness (2004)

Although I admit the synthesizer in the original sounds like it was swiped from The Last Starfighter (don't...awful) it is still the better recording of this song. The new one sounds like a cow is dying at the end. Feast on that. Then Buy the Tracks. <satire>Hell, maybe if he pray really hard, Eric Prydz will remix it with Steve Winwood vocals. Then certainly all will be right in the world.</satire>

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