Armin Van Buuren Releases State of Trance

InternetDJ's #5 ranked DJ/Producer, Armin Van Buuren, drops his latest compilation CD, 'A State of Trance 2004' on North America. It's a fantastic double CD mix inspired by his Holland radio show of the same name. Tracklisting, audio samples and tour information are all right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Mar 27, 2004

Music News
Coming off a strong year including critical acclaim and the release of his first artist album 76 (Ultra)--which received a 2004 DanceStar USA nomination for Best Artist Album--Dutch sensation ARMIN VAN BUUREN will release the double disc compilation A STATE OF TRANCE 2004 March 23 on Ultra Records and launch a North American tour April 1. Inspired by his weekly national radio show in Holland, also known as ‘A State of Trance,’ the new compilation is defined by ARMIN’s taste in warm, melodic driving music and includes his original track "Burned With Desire" featuring Justine Suissa which already has been getting strong support on the #1 dance station in the U.S., WKTU in New York.

Born in Leiden, Holland to a musical family, ARMIN indulged his passion for music from a young age, blowing all the money from his paper route on records. ARMIN states, "I loved dance music immediately--this great rebellious sound that was so different." Citing electro pioneer Jean Michel Jarre as a major influence as well as Dutch DJ and remixer Ben Liebrand, who would later mentor him in his mixing and producing, ARMIN began booking DJ sets and consistently producing standout tunes that graced compilations across the globe.

Track Listing
  1. Tranquility - Mark Otten (real | wmv)
  2. Sahara - Solid Globe (real | wmv)
  3. Under The Sun - Whirlpool (solar stone remix) (real | wmv)
  4. Signs From The Universe - Three Drives real | wmv)
  5. Lady Blue - Airwave (original beat) (real | wmv)
  6. Velvet Morning - Kyau/Albert (Aalto remix) (real | wmv)
  7. Escape - Fiction/Phynn (Phynn mix) (real | wmv)
  8. Future Funland - Perpetuous Dreamer (Astura remix) (real | wmv)
  9. Search For Freedom - Active Sight (real | wmv)
  10. Alba - Super 8 (real | wmv)
  11. Satellite - Oceanlab (original above & beyond remix) (real | wmv)
  12. Spiral - Robert Nickson (real | wmv)
  13. Burned With Desire - Armin Van Buuren/Justine Suissa (rising star remix) (real | wmv)
  1. Kubik - Perry O'Neil (real | wmv)
  2. Flying - Valentino (sultan & the greek remix) (real | wmv)
  3. Ambience, The - Michael Burns (real | wmv)
  4. Perfect Wave - Peter Martin/Anthanasia (real | wmv)
  5. Mind Circles - St. John/Locust (Perry O'Niel remix) (real | wmv)
  6. Fearless - Remy & Roland Klinkenberg (real | wmv)
  7. Naked Angel - Solar Stone/Scott Band (real | wmv)
  8. Totally Fascinated - M.I.K.E./Fascinated (real | wmv)
  9. Rise - Mono (real | wmv)
  10. Time To Say Goodbye - Envio (Passivar mix) (real | wmv)
  11. Forbidden Colours - True Form (real | wmv)
  12. Offbeat - Artic Quest (real | wmv)
  13. Introspection - Terry Bones/Fred Baker/Water Planet (John Askew mix) (real | wmv)

Tour Dates
Here's what we have currently for Armin Van Buuren.
4/1 Atlanta, GA Eleven50
4/2 San Francisco, CA 1015 Folsom
4/3 Los Angeles, CA Circus
4/8 Toronto, ONT The Guverment
4/9 New York, NY The Roxy
4/10 Vancouver, BC Plaza of Nations
4/11 Montreal, QUE Bal et Blanc
5/27 Ann Arbor, MI Necto
5/28 Boston, MA Avalon Boston
5/29 Las Vegas, NV Risqué @ Paris Las Vegas
5/30 Chicago, IL Vision

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