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Groove Armada's Black Light is elemental, fundamental.

Posted by annacon3 on Fri Apr 2, 2010

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Groove Armada - I Won't Kneel
Nov 24, 2009

The latest album Black Light from Groove Armada dropped on March 2nd 2010 by OM Records and it was met with eager reception. Skipping right over the awkward and diving head first into the funky, the duo was able to capture a moment in time and weave it through the entire album. They are enormously capable of flow and this album is the link between the seen and unseen. Their power derives from the creative principle of duality. The sound is legendary, transforming and thought provoking. Cunning lyrics and selective vocals radiate a sense of adventure. The boys were kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions in regards to the new album.

InternetDJ: Who or what was the main inspiration behind Black Light?

Groove Armada: Well a lot of circumstances have come together in the last 18 months that made us feel like we needed to do something else. We think there's been a huge change in dance music ever since we started making the record. The whole scene has become leaner, more personal, and we think crowds want to identify with the bands more than they did before. We wanted to put someone like Saint Saviour, and our MC MAD at the heart of what we did live, lose the visuals and go for a proper band vibe. We looked at bands like 'Friendly Fires' and loved that approach. In terms of musical inspiration it was more Roxy music, Bowie, a kind of 70s vibe.......

InternetDJ: How did you go about choosing the vocals?

Groove Armada: Well you work with as many people that will work with you and see what you've got. The basic plan this time was to work with more up and coming artists and fewer old stagers - although I love and admire an old stager.

InternetDJ: How much of the production is done in house?

Groove Armada: All of it.

InternetDJ: What challenges did you face?

Groove Armada: There's a basic, deeply fundamental, proper ball ache of challenge in that Andy lives in France, and I'm still in North London, so you know there's a lot of travel, a lot of being away from home and that got tough for the both of us. Personally speaking, I was often really unsure about what we were doing, so lots of sleepless nights, the usual!

InternetDJ: You’ve achieved something quite new by going back to basics and original influences. Will you stick with this strategy?

Groove Armada: If we ever make another record then I think we'll work like this, but right now we're thinking of knocking out some proper basement house music, so let’s see. What’s exhilarating is the freedom from the whole major label caper, so essentially we can do what we freakin’ like, which is lovely!

InternetDJ: Has your frame of mind behind the decks changed at all with this new strategy?

Groove Armada: Not really, we think you've got to be aware of what’s going on right now, and really you can’t just play 4/4 all night long anymore. Having said it, that’s never been our strategy. I've always been pretty catholic in my tastes. When we play the space terrace this summer I'll be looking to mix it up a bit........

InternetDJ: What are you trying to say with this album, if anything?

Groove Armada: I guess that we're still here, we really believe in what we're doing again so come check us out. There's no deeper meaning...

InternetDJ: In what direction do you see your music going?

Groove Armada: Well this tough, paired back sound is really working for us live. The shows have been electric of late, so I think we're feeling this vibe for the time being

Be sure to keep up with tour dates and blogs at their Myspace or the band’s website.

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