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Sirius Apparently Dropping ASOT from Line Up Following XM Takeover.

Posted by MShemel on Mon Oct 13, 2008

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After multiple failed attempts to contact Sirius Satellite Radio, it is becoming increasingly obvious that they are more interested in Oprah than Armin. Apparently, the merger between Sirius and XM Satellite radio completed on July 29th will not include “A State of Trance” (ASOT), the popular music show hosted by Armin Van Buuren with weekly broadcasts to nearly 6 million listeners worldwide. Previously, the show had aired on XM Radio’s “The System.”

Both Sirius and XM have been plagued by expenses in recent years, including Howard Stern’s 5 year $500 Million contract with Sirius. These costs had made it difficult for them to compete. With pay radio close to becoming a reality in Europe and other regions, one would think that Sirius might get serious about the potential market by including Armin’s show on their Area 38 channel. While Sirius satellites do not cover Europe, the difficulties of the industry may bring Sirius abroad in future years.

Even if Sirius never gets to Europe, ASOT commands enough listeners in the United States and South America to turn at least a small profit. I am still awaiting word from Sirius, though I’m not sure I will ever hear anything. Hopefully, Sirius XM will realize the error of its ways and bring Armin to the U.S.

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