Arcade Fire Wins Album of the Year

Well deserved.

Posted by billd on Mon Feb 14, 2011

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If you tuned in to last night's Grammy Awards, you would agree that there were a fair share of surprises. From Lady Gaga arriving in an egg, to Christina Aguilera nearly falling off the stage at the end of her performance, it was an eventful night to say the least. But perhaps the biggest shock of the night came at the very end, when Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" was declared Album of the Year.

There were mixed reactions among the pop-music community, from confusion to outrage, following Arcade  Fire's victory.  As evidenced from Twitter comments, some people simply did not know who the band was, while many others declared Eminem should have won for his album, "Recovery."  But for those in the indie-rock community, it was a satisfying win. "Music may be trending toward more indie-minded rock music," Spin editor Dough Brod told MTV. "It's profound that a band on an indie label closes out the show and wins best album," he said.

Surprised by Arcade Fire's victory? Tell us who you think should have won.

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