Apple Reveals iPad Tablet Device

You know you want to touch it.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jan 27, 2010

Imagine a dozen Apple touch screen tablets surrounding your music studio. Each screen filled with VSTs, virtual mixing boards, and touch sensitive keyboards. The studio of the future that we've all been wishing for has now arrived.

The iPad is Apple's new tablet device/computer. It resembles the iPhone, albeit quite a bit larger. The iPad is about ten inches long, 1.5 pounds, has a glass screen and is bigger than the kindle. The demo version runs one app at a time and surprisingly doesn't have a camera for video chat. Unlike the iPhone, the iPad will have support for an external keyboard. The base price for the unit is $499.

Ten inches might not seem like too much to work with, but for me, I'd love to be able to swipe my finger across my virtual controllers as I create sweeping trance leads.

As a fan and user of both Mac & PC (there are merits, benefits and detractors for both platforms), I'm ready to line-up to get my hands on the iPad. The wifi version will ship in March, while 3G is slated for April.

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