Apple Music Subscribers get Update to Improve Song Matching

The Audio fingerprint algorithm currently available to iTunes Match subscribers will be freely available to users of the Music service.

Posted by Nelo on Mon Jul 18, 2016


Song matching, long been a sore point for Apple Music subscribers is getting an overhaul with a new algorithm getting a slow roll out.

Users of iTunes match, paying their $30 a year know that there is a better way and it appears that the algorithm they have been enjoying will now find its way to the users of Apple's music service. By using audio fingerprint matching rather than simple old fashioned metadata the quality of matches should improve dramatically. 

The roll out for Apple Music subscribers will be very gradual, with 1-2% getting updated each day with incorrectly matched music getting automatically updated in the library while Apple closely monitors the roll out.

Standalone iTunes match customers will not be impacted, their subscription service is expected to continue in the same manner with no requirement to add the Apple Music service to their subscriptions.

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