Announcing AutoCad and the Best Darn CD Offer Ever

I wanted to share a big announcement with you all-- the electronica band 'AutoCad', featured in 'Spin' Magazine (11/2000) for their outstanding electronica composing and DJing skills, and recently remixed by Boy George protegees The MPC's, has opened a brand spanking new website.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jan 3, 2002

Here you will find the latest band news, 2 smash hit songs to preview ("Blue Note"-- which held the number one position in Missouri electronica at for over one month, and "Dock To Dock 2001"-- which was remixed by The MPC's and was much touted by's radio djs), and, most imporantly, a super cd deal:

The album, "AutoCad In Total Retrospect", featuring "Blue Note", "Dock To Dock 2001", and 13 other smash hits, covers, and cool collaborations, is now available exclusively at:

The album is burned straight from master recordings and totals at 64 minutes in length-- for only $8 US plus S and H.

This is the best collection of the up-and-coming band AutoCad's music ever, and we highly recommend you stop on by!

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