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Check out this great review of AmibLoop, a multi-track audio-loop recording software emulator. Find out what it is, how to use it and most importantly, where to get it only on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Mar 8, 2004

What is it?
AmbiLoop basically functions like a multi-track endless audio tape loop or digital delay box with feedback. Simply set the desired loop time for a track and press the record button. Incoming audio is recorded in real time for the length of the loop. Recording continues seamlessly as the loop repeats and the previously recorded audio begins playing back at a Volume set by the feedback control.

You can also grab a single loop on the fly with the Insert Record feature. AmbiLoop will play up to eight tracks simultaneously.

AmbiLoop Features

∑ Stereo and mono loop recording and playback.
∑ Play up to eight loops simultaneously.
∑ MIDI Control of nearly all software commands.
∑ Mix-to-track allows realtime mixdown of up to 7 tracks to an 8th track.
∑ Multimode filter and reverb for non-destructive effect processing.
∑ Seamless recording through loop end-to-beginning transition.
∑ Loop times up to 100 seconds or more (memory limited).
∑ Set loop point while recording.
∑ Instant multiply doubles loop length.
∑ Load and save loops as .wav files.
∑ Load and save Session, remembers loop, track and effect settings.
∑ Load and save Configuration, remembers user preferences.
∑ Solo and Mute available per-track.
∑ Set loop times by tempo and measure.
∑ Insert Record allows a loop to be captured on the fly.
∑ Metronome available in play and/or record.
∑ Record and play in reverse, switch directions any time.
∑ Undo last recording.
∑ Half speed recording & playback.
∑ Multiple sample rates supported (depends on audio card).
∑ Input and output device selection.
∑ Adjustable latency time.

AmbiLoop Review
Installation was simple, I just downloaded and unzipped it. Thatís it. The first great thing about this program is that itís a Freeware. It a Win32 Application so you just have to double click on the Program Icon after unzipping and the Program starts right up.

At first glance, the program has a logical layout that provides a cut-and-dry feel. You might compare it to Live 3.0, but after taking a closer look, you will soon see it as a completely different program With many options that Live doesnít offer yet.

Importing .wav files is a snap:
File> Load Loop > Track (you want to load the sample in)
Ex. File > Load Loop > Track 1

Instant Reverse on any audio track is one of its best features. Another great feature is the Filter Effect. It can be controlled On the fly, and in a live setting, each track has Solo & Mute options. I also like the fact that you can Resize the program window. For Remixing, you can convert MP3 tracks To wav and then mix them into AmbiLoop with additional samples.

Where to Get It
You can download AmbiLoop for free at

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