Alex Gold to Release Debut Album 'Back from a Break'

Alex Gold steps from behind the curtain and prepares to release an all-genre encompassing debut artist album, 'Back from a Break'. Listen to samples here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Jul 8, 2005

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You know Alex Gold. He's been an influential member of dance music for years and one of its pioneers. He's the founder of Xtravaganza Recordings (Chicane) and a permanent fixture of Privilege in Ibiza. After suffering a debilitating injury shattering his back along with 18 months recuperation, he poured his soul into his debut album "Back from a Break".

"Back from a Break" starts off with hard hitting breaks and immediately grabs you into the album. What follows is "String Theory", perhaps my favorite, featuring some uniquely spiritual audio elements, with floating vocals and a melodic chord progression. This track is a prime tech-house remix target.

The vocal trance anthem "Stranded in Paradise" blasts the album into high energy while "Electric Places" exudes a cool mid-90s throwback trance hook which might also be the strongest single on the album. Following suit with the 80s style house being released in the UK lately is the surprisingly quirky-- yet catchy anthem-esque house track "LA Today feat. Phil Oakey". We give this album four and a half stars because it clearly shows Alex Gold's supreme command of several genres along with the capability of composing strong singles within each.

"Back from a Break"
Artist: Alex Gold
Format: CD
Released: September 20th (US)
Label: Xtravaganza Recordings
Our Rating: (4.5/5.0)
1. Back From A Break
2. String Theory
3. Energy Bomb
4. Stranded In Paradise
5. Foreign Shore
6. Flying
7. Who Decides
8. Electric Places
9. Better Dayz
10. LA Today
11. You're The One

Mark your calendars. "Back from a Break" will be released in the US on September 20th, 2005 in stores and online everywhere. The UK release date is July 11, 2005.

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