Alcyone Release Debut House Album 'The Stars Are Real'

Recently signed to System Recordings, San Francisco's Alcyone release nine original tracks spanning several house subgenres. Highly appealing. Listen to samples here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Jul 27, 2005

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For the house head that likes a bit of variety in their artists, Alcyone definitely is a new group to keep an eye on. Having been signed to System Recordings (home to InternetDJ favorites: DJ Micro, DJ Rap, James Zabiela and Christopher Lawrence), Alcyone's set to drop nine original compositions that encompass ambient, tech, dub and deep house elements. The album is "The Stars Are Real" and is released on August 23, 2005 in stores and online.

Who do they sound like you ask? I can definitely hear signs of recent "Orb" especially in "Black Arrow Dub". However, hints of this influence can be found in each; clean, yet original phrasing with intelligently introduced effects that would find itself squarely in a deep house set. Where they clearly excel is best exemplified in the lead-off track "Drift". Definitely the album's strongest single, the lead singer, Suzanne Sterling, really shows off her range supporting an intricate synth co-lead. We can imagine a stronger tech-house remix to follow that will engage even more DJ's sets.

I gave this album 4/5 stars primarily due to the exceptional vocal elements the lead singer provides, the interaction between the synth-leads and the vocals as well as the rave reviews I've heard from friends who have seen them live out west. Looking forward to hearing them in NYC.

"The Stars Are Real"
Artist: Alcyone
Format: CD
Our Rating: (4.0/5.0)
Label: System Recordings
Released: August 23, 2005 (US)
1. Drift
2. Warm Fuzzy
3. Black Arrow Dub
4. Brighter
5. Pan Position
6. The Dunes
7. Reflections
8. Neptune
9. Starfields

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