Adriano's Trance/Hard Trance Top Five

Adrenaline throws in his top five trance tracks for this week. Impress your friends, these are tracks you need to know about right now. Ferry Corsten amongst the best this week.

Posted by Adrenaline on Tue Jan 18, 2005

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'Tenth Planet - Ghosts (Remix)'
'Yet anotrher huge uk hard trance remix from the htuk clan. This time it's tenth planets - "ghosts" which gets the reworkin in fine style. This is the best one so far.'
HTFR: Tenth Planet - Ghosts (Remix)

'The Edison Factor VS Phil Reynolds - The Shout'
'Fresh new label venture for 2005 from Matt Williams & James Lawson a.k.a The Edison Factor. In collaboration with P Reynolds. This is some serious hard trance action brought about to get the club peaking, although still fresh, still promises to deliver.'
HTFR: The Edison Factor VS Phil Reynolds - The Shout

'Jason Midro VS DJ Compound - Music Is The Key'
'Who ever doubted the talent of the Aussies outta be shot :). This Hard Trance track, is definately a track to look out for. With its psychadelic rave synths to its epic build ups. A Definate MUST HAVE.'
HTFR: Jason Midro VS DJ Compound - Music Is The Key

'Gouryella - Ligaya (Yoji Biomehanika Remix) '
'Has got to be the best Hardstyle remix of 2004 in my books, and what better track to remix then Gouryella's ever popular track "Ligaya". Fantastic build ups, distinctive breakdowns, Great synths and stutters. Great Atmosphere; all i've come to expect from an artist which puts the word "Style" in Hardstyle.'
HTFR: Gouryella - Ligaya (Yoji Biomehanika Remix)

'Ferry Corsten & Shelly Harland - Holding On (Above and Beyond/Luke Chable Remixes)'
'Fresh from there essential mix above & beyond give Ferry Ccorsten a re-lick. Big chunky trance to make you move your ass, flip this over for the luke chable mix...quality production as always and the biggest bassline you have ever heard..choon'
HTFR: Ferry Corsten & Shelly Harland - Holding On (Above and Beyond/Luke Chable Remixes)

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