Aaliyah Dies in Crash

22-year-old R&B singer and actress Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash on her way to the US from the Bahamas.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Aug 26, 2001

The incident took place as she was returning from her latest video shoot in the Bahamas destined for America.

The Minister of Tourism for the Bahamas, Tommy Turnquest said: "We find it devastating and most unfortunate that after having this world-famous star Aaliyah and her crew select the Bahamas as their choice location for her latest video, the project has climaxed on such a tragic note."

Aaliyah was known for her hits 'If Your Girl Only Knew' and 'Try Again'. She was also known for her work in Hollywood films such as 'Romeo Must Die' and was set to appear in the sequel to 'The Matrix' with Keanu Reaves.

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