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Rocking Till the Break of Dawn.

Posted by annacon3 on Wed Jun 10, 2009

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Kasabian has success written all over them with a variety of tracks that have you rocking from start to finish on their new album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Red Int/Red Ink drops the album June 9th.

This is a group that understands the value of variety and experimentation without leaping too far off the ledge we like to call reality. This is tangible, solid rocking - working in tandem with elegiac lyrics to create a luscious sound. The passion and versatility is evident with each and every tune, wowing crowds one chord at a time ranking them up there with other industrial poets of this generation.

Out of Leicester, Tom Meighan, Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews are behind a sound that must be listened to in its entirety ushering listeners back to the a place when a good album was judged based on the ability to listen to the entire CD, the whole way through. This is a nice change in today’s industry where music lovers are being beaten with heavy sticks we like to call "single downloads." Granted being able to pick and choose is a luxury but what happened to the bigger picture?

To understand the true meaning of a band, it is essential to listen to every last drop because experiencing the whole, will help you to appreciate the separates. Their genius can be found in all tracks but 'Fire', 'Shoot the Runner' and 'Underdog' are highly recommended. A collection of their songs and videos are available on their website. Kasabian will most certainly have you rocking till the break of dawn.

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