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Take a look and listen to Rick Holmstrom's album Hydraulic Groove. Plus, grab DJ Logic's full remix in MP3.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Aug 6, 2002

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Even though Rick Holmstrom is internationally recognized as an authority on blues performance, don’t be so quick to label this album the blues. Hydraulic Groove, the third solo release from guitar virtuoso Rick Holmstom, blends and weaves electric layers, samples and textures into funky, dense, instant-classic guitar grooves. Living, rocking proof that the blues is more a state of mind than a music genre, Holmstrom progressively invents a sound entirely his own.

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Our Favorite Track: These Roads

Rick Holmstrom is an artist who channels the blues, recalls its long and diverse history through his music, and recognizes its function as an expressive device. What sets Hydraulic Groove apart from his previous solo albums is Holmstrom’s successful effort towards pushing his own boundaries. Backed by Tone-Cool Records, home to equally inventive artists like the North Mississippi Allstars and Susan Tedeschi, Holmstrom brings his unique musical vision into fruition.

On Hydraulic Groove, Holmstrom enlisted the very special help of infamous sound engineer/producer Rob Schnapf whose prior project roster includes forward-thinking, on-the-cusp artists like Beck, R.L. Burnside, and the Foo Fighters. With Schnapf at the nobs, Holmstrom’s music comes alive with an eclectic and exciting vitality.

Casual on delivery with an easy, soulful dynamic, Holmstrom and his Hydraulic Groove straddles the line between modern and retro with musical grace.

Hydraulic Groove Track Listing:
  1. These Roads
  2. Bobo the Hobo
  3. Last to Know
  4. Pee Wee's Nightmare
  5. Shake It, Part 2
  6. My Maria
  7. Back it Up
  8. Gravy
  9. Harlan Shuffle
  10. Tell Me
  11. I'm Gone
  12. Roll Tape (with John Medeski) (Download MP3)
  13. Shake It, Part 2 (DJ Logic Remix) (Download MP3)
  14. Knock Yourself Out (Genome Remix)
  15. Hamp's Hump (with John Medeski)
From DJ Logic -
"The tune was really easy for me to remix because Rick had already laid down a phat groove…he uses a lot of cool layers and textures, and sounds, I just added some bump to it."

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