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The Archduke is Out for Blood.

Posted by annacon3 on Mon Jun 1, 2009

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"Blood", the fourth album by Franz Ferdinand will be dropped by Epic on June 1st serving as the dub buffet for their most recent album release back in January on the Sony label, Tonight. Giving new meaning to the term revisionist history, the group is truly capitalizing on tunes that are already persuasive ear candy by rearranging tones, titles and deliveries to offer up a splendid mash of indie versus disco, garnished with a lightly seasoned funk.

Blood is truly a mixie baby of sound and any Franz Ferdinand fan will be more than adequately satisfied with this style of evolution. Naturally there is a slight deviation in sound but the fluidity remains the same. The archduke Ferdinand is out for blood and is using devices that are nothing short of cunning.

These crafty music men gave us a sneak preview on the Tonight album with various bonus tracks including once titled 'Katherine Kiss Me' now dubbed 'Katherine Hit Me' and 'Feeling Kind of Anxious (Ulysses dub mix)'. Fortunately we don't have to wait too much longer to bask in the audible glow of the real deal. This album is divisive, sexy and very summer appropriate.

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