A Day At Gatecrasher Summer Sound System 2002

The sights and sounds from the Gatecrasher dance music festival, 2002 as told by internetdj member DJ Karma.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Aug 7, 2002

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Early night Friday was inevitable, up at 10am, tea, smokes, shower, dress, final checks. - Bound to have forgotten something, fuck it, were on our way, sun trying, hedgerows and motorways, traffic slows, hear a distant beat, tents ahoy, bang, were here, driving past mad people queuing at the gate, must be ten thousand already, park, straight in, its 3pm, the sun is still trying, find food, and the game begins.

Trying to hold off till nightfall is pointless, we last half an hour, the sun peeks through, and we find ourselves on a tour of the area, soon realising along with 25,000 other people that the site map is in fact utter bollocks.

First stop is the Vestax tent, they are letting people have a go on the decks in a mini comp but w are too late to enter, stay for a while and overall the quality of people going for it are quite good, however some dodgy bloke insists on trying to ‘ragamuffin’ MC over the top of a trance tune and we make our excuses.

Outside we are greeted by the site of Jesus on a bicycle; he has a basket of bread and fishes,

Over then to the tidy trax tent, Signum has just hit the decks and is kicking up a storm, he is the only DJ I have ever seen make 2 huge mistakes in one set and still play a blinder…this time he was faultless…after all that excitement it was time for a rest, a stroll around the many stalls and a go on the booster, a 150 foot spinning thing. At eight quid a go a bit steep but well worth it just for the view above the venue, the fact that it blows your head off and turns your legs to jelly is an added bonus.

The sun is out now, there are mad costumes every where, the four hours I spent making Donna’s orange cape have paid off and someone photographs her from Tidy. We try and make our way over to the main arena and are confronted by MTV cameras, thinking of a blag I manage to blurt something about my CD whilst waving it around in my hand, think I made a tit of myself so if anyone sees it please let me know. We get interviewed about Gatecrasher and all look a bit sheepish.

Free cider is the order of the day, people had these backpacks on full of Strongbow and many a glass was drunk.

Next on our list was Tiesto but he failed to impress, which surprised me, as my mate Tom reckons he was spot on at homelands…maybe its me… but then Oakey stepped up and just knocked the main arena for six, he dropped in the new remix of café del mar and barbers adagio for strings…a moment in time like no other…. For there on in it all got very messy…spent an hour with Mr Van Dyk, then over to the Tidy Boys who were full on, and Lisa Lashes. The place went mad went she went on…. she played a stomping set and pleased we were too.

It was by now 3am, we drag our failing bodies back to the main arena and Judge Jules is about to come on. I am apprehensive, he was pissed on from a great height by Guy Ornadel on NYE and he has that ‘up his own arse way’ about him when he steps up…. Well…bugger me with a rusty pick fork if he doesn’t blow the roof off, I have had to re evaluate my thinking now as he took the place apart and was easily the best DJ all night. Respect.

Its now 4.30 in the morning, things are very messy, up steps Fergie, and right away has the crowd going with his cheeky antics, he has sussed the fx pad to full effect tonight…..Wicked…..Outside the sun is coming up, it’s a strange feeling, we have been dancing all night.

Too soon its all over, stepping over bodies we head back to the car park, parties are already starting around cars, Fergie glides past in the back of a merc, we are waiting for a couple of mates to come and drive our car and us back.

All in all I can thoroughly recommend GC to anyone, it caters for most musical tastes, and the only complaint I have is that wooden pallets should have been put down by the water point as it got quite muddy later on, but really that’s a minor problem when 25,000 people converge in a field for 18 hours of partying.

Well done Gatecrasher, see ya next summer

--A serious note, we were picked up by a straight mate, a car in front of us on the dual carriageway smashed into the back of another, caused a four car pile up, probably lost his licence, the insurance wont pay out etc…he was quite obviously off his head at the time…no sympathy.

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