A Dark Horse With A Lighter Side

Simple and Striking.

Posted by annacon3 on Sun Sep 5, 2010

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It dawned on me after a few months just how hard new, solid, and original music is to find as I poured through album after album. I realize that I listen to an egregious amount of bad music just to enjoy the luscious serenade of the brilliant, only for a brief moment. The concept of being original has strangely become a horrendous fad that people take to extremes. The need to be different and bask in their quirks is suffocating. Somehow owning their differences and forcing them down your throat makes them just THAT much more attention worthy. The yearning for golf claps continue but never really appeases the insatiable need for attention. Before I knew it, I was in the throws of a quarter life music crisis. I decided it was best to marinate on a few up and comers to test out their staying power in my rotation.

After nearly a year, Alphabeat has proven their stamina. They are a rowdy Danish pop pack that seems to be clandestinely churning out jam after jam for nearly four years now. If you are a sucker for 80’s pop (sans the bubble gum snapping) then boy does Alphabeat have a deal for you. They capture the decorative and savvy passion of a good beat by successfully exploiting the beautiful mish mash of male and female harmonies. The major concept here is the design of their whole collection combined with a secretive tone.

Alphabeat’s debut album was released in 2008 and their hit single ‘The Beat Is’ followed in March of 2010 virtually unnoticed. With enticing diddies such as Heat Wave, Heart Failure and, my personal favorite, Hole In My Heart, Alphabeat has established themselves as a power house with serious potential for industry longevity. Heart failure is both haunting and uplifting, while Hole In My Heart is a dance anthem for the ages. The versatility that exists within this one album alone predicts great things. There is nothing labored or artificial here but rather simple and striking. This is truly a masterpiece of composition, a breath of fresh air, after many desperate calls of the unoriginal masses struggling to find their place in this world. All of Alphabeat’s tracks are worth a listen and ripe for the taking as far as club hits go. Check out their songs and tour dates here or follow them on Twitter.

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