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Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Jan 6, 2003

There are many ways of producing music. The first way may have started with the human voice, or maybe it was just the human ear listening to nature, unfolding in a beautiful abstraction of natural sound.

We then progressed to using and manipulating an instrument , stones clacked together, a flute, the guitar and so on. These were the acoustic times.

Then the wonder of electricity came in and we progressed to a new type of sound, that assisted by electricity and basic computers. And the ideas came and we progressed in our instruments and features.

But then along came programs for your computer , and the music production world is being revolutionized. We are able to manipulate an infinite amount of sound with effects, plugins and so on.

The electronic music scene has flourished all around the globe with these new instruments of sound. We even have websites like internetdj and mp3.com to let us collaborate and discuss electronic music.

Electronic music is interesting because a lot of it is done without vocals and it is just these arrangements of sounds, loops, and melodies for the listener to take in. And they are surprisingly strong, the listener cannot deny the energy of it

Electronic music is now what splits the music world in three. The acoustic side, the electronic side, and the merger of both.

Basically this sets up a beautiful thing. In that electronic music is here to stay, and here to grow. There are too many mainstream artists who utilize electronic produced sounds that it won't go. And everywhere, for the exception of my home country, the United States, it is huge. It's like soccer :)

Electronic music has revolutionized the dance scene. It is now more intense and fun filled than ever. The lighting is amazing, the sound quality is stunning, and the people all very loving and friendly. It is almost as if we are the flower children, but in a different time.

With that I leave you. Till next time.

Peace and Love,

The United States Musical Health Center


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