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Psychedelic Indie Rock Fantasy.

Posted by annacon3 on Thu Jul 2, 2009

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All it took was one guy from Portland, Oregon searching for something more substantial in his life. From the makeshift beginnings of a basement and a dilapidated drum set that meant two members sharing the responsibility of drumming to four evolving musicians flexing their audio muscles to create the psychedelic, indie rock fantasy we call Starfucker.

Their self titled premier album was an under the radar hit released back in 2008. Their most recent project, Jupiter, dropped just last month on Badman ensures a few noteworthy double takes. The four members play to their strengths implementing dramatic variances of light and dark in their sound fashioning an entirely pleasing voice.

With a brilliant cover of the 80s smash hit ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ demonstrates their funk master skills simultaneously liberating the tune from the confines of the ‘guilty pleasure’ for men. While sweet ditties like ‘Rawnwald Gregory Erickson II’ and ‘Boy Toy’ prove they play with an ambitious sound without overcompensating.

Their aura is a welcomed staged spontaneity. They have taken a simple way of creating to produce a vibe fraught with many excellences. The diverse tonality breaks the containment area of standardized sound forcing the creation of a new geometric stage that engages the listener.

Their love of electric, synth, analog and rock certainly gives them ample room for expansion. Some tracks can be found on their MySpace (www.myspace.com/starfuckerss) along with a list of their tour dates.

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