10 dance hits from the summer of 96 revisited

20 years is a long time, take a trip down memory lane

Posted by Nelo on Thu Jul 21, 2016

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The summer when Electronic Dance Music exploded, scores of people were flocking to Ibiza and BBC Radio 1 was about to firmly embrace that Balearic sound. It was a wonderful year for variety in the singles charts probably the last time any decent song could shake things up before the manufactured pop production line took over. Blur and Oasis were at their peak, George Michael was ressurgent, the Fugees exploded, even Metallica were charting favorably. On the electronic front a darker mood was finally breaking free of the previously dominant Europop standard, enjoy this selection of bangers from those carefree days.

St Germain - Alabama Blues Revisited

French house was starting to get a lot of exposure and this single from St Germain's captured the late lounge scene vibe exquisitely.

Professional Widow (It's Got to Be Big) Armand Van Helden

Released with the Tori Amos single, Armand's remix was quickly picked up and played heavily in clubs propelling Armand into the spotlight and putting him very much in demand while shifting quite a few records for Amos.

B.B.E - Seven Days and One Week

Dream Trance didn't last long but it gifted this timeless classic hitting number 3 in the UK charts following it July 96 release.

Our House - Floor Space

Few tunes capture the Paul Oakenfold Perfecto vibe better than this. Hasn't aged well but on a packed floor at Amnesia, everyone wanted a piece of it.

Orbital - The Box

Released prior to the terrific album "insides" the signature track was a nice warm up for the summer that was to come. The first album I ever picked up on CD! 96 was Orbital in their prime they went on to bigger success in the soundtrack scene but this was their signature sound, raw and unrelenting.

Stix 'N' Stoned - Outrageous

A tasty track from Judge Jules and John Kelly that didn't really have too much lasting appeal but in the summer of 96 it was banging across Ibiza.

Wink - Higher State of Conciousness (96 Remix)

A big hit the summer before but it really gathered steam with this re-release in 96 which is the version most of us think of today.

Faithless - Insomnia

Released too late for the summer of 95, the classic moody anthem had dozens of remixes lined up for the long summer nights of 96.

Prodigy Firestarter

Released to massive success in March, Firestarter continued steamrolling into the summer. The Prodigy were already huge and home but Firestarter really catapaulted them to major international success. This was mainstream dance music with a much darker edge and we lapped it up.

Underworld Born Slippy .NUXX

One of the most groundbreaking dance tracks of all time and it could easily have been completely ignored. Released as a "B" side to an entirely different track titled "Born Slippy" in 1995 the ".NUXX" mix went very much under the radar until July of 96 when it featured in Danny Boyle's Trainspotting.

Memorable mentions from 96

JX - There's Nothing I Won't Do

Cheeseus Christ how absurdly mid-nineties.

Robert Miles - Children

Super chilled Euro Dance, soared in the charts.

Carl Cox - Sensual Sophis-ti-cat

Carl Cox in the singles charts? In 1996 anything was possible. What a silky smooth track this is by the then number 1 DJ in the world. Wait? "then" He still is!

Legend B - Lost in love

Released in 94 if memory serves me correctly but heavily played in the summer of 96.

Livin Joy - Don't Stop Movin

A guilty pleasure.

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