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8 yrs ago Soup posted...
How you doin'? Kindly check out my new gangsta rap LP "The Anthem." Thanks bunches.
8 yrs ago EJLirik posted...
I didn't mean to say you're not good at electro, I meant that the bass didn't fit the track well, but the bass sound was definitely very electro. Try chopping percussion and bass a bit, and add some reverb with tight compression for a sweet electro house sound.

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City: Sandnes
Country: Norway
Job/Studies: IT Consultant

Music Interests:
It seems I switch frequently between trance and house, never do seem to get tired of either one. House heros include Antoine Clamaran, Steve Angello (and the entire Swedish House Mafia), Benjamin Theves ++ On the trance side, main idols are Ferry Corsten, Vincent de Moor, Solid Globe, Above & Beyond, Phynn ... This list is so long it's ridiculous, but those are the main ones :)

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Indian Winter

statiK Feb 16, 2006 914 8.25/10 Trance N/A99 Play Like Add to Playlist


statiK Jun 23, 2006 1,056 N/A House N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist

Crystal 4

statiK Jul 10, 2006 1,458 N/A Minimalist Trance N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist

Conjure One - Face the Music (statiKs Fusion mix)

statiK Jul 30, 2006 1,017 9/10 House N/A124 Play Like Add to Playlist

Claim to Fame

statiK Sep 2, 2006 1,341 7/10 House N/A128 Play Like Add to Playlist

JPunch - Naughty (statiKs The Way We Were Remix)

statiK Mar 25, 2007 1,497 8/10 House N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist

Sounds Better

statiK Mar 29, 2007 1,773 N/A Electro House N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist

Ancient Angel

statiK Apr 3, 2007 1,558 7/10 Trance N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist


statiK Jul 24, 2007 2,348 8.25/10 House N/A41 Play Like Add to Playlist

Eager Skies

statiK Jul 28, 2007 1,365 9/10 Progressive Trance N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist
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