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7 yrs, 7 mths ago 292 posted...
hi man would u min reviewing my new track!! thx
8 yrs, 6 mths ago -Eoliveira- posted...
Hey, I just posted a new track and was hoping you could write me a review , thanks man !
8 yrs, 9 mths ago TFO posted...
Of course you can get better rating, just try and try...

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Country: United States
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Music Interests:
Trance in all forms, House & Prog. House, Experimental, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass... and ... Metal.

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White & Black

Blue Skies and Dream May 20, 2007 2,722 8.7/10 House N/A59 Play Like Add to Playlist

Feeling So High

Blue Skies and Dream Jun 18, 2007 2,373 7.92/10 Trance N/A87 Play Like Add to Playlist

Morning Routine

Blue Skies and Dream Nov 30, 2007 1,494 9.3/10 Ambient N/A48 Play Like Add to Playlist
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