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Joined Oct 01, 2012 from Serbia.

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Sex: male
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Country: Serbia
Job/Studies: Dj Sinisa Bainovic

Music Interests:
Electo & Electro House Music

About Me:
Hey! My name is Sinisa and presented as Dj Sinisa Bainovic, I'm 21 years working as a part-time under DJ in a nightclub in Belgrade-Serbia. I'm not famous, and many of you would not know me. But hopefully soon, because I'm working hard to be a good DJ and lift my name up to the top!

All we ask is that you support me! This will be a great benefit for me! It is not an obligation, but if you like my mixes, it is up to you.
Enjoy my mixes!
Join My Facebook Group: -Bainovic/2068878593­75509

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