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Joined Jul 22, 2012 from United States.

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Burning out my Mac with intensive plugins while sound designing...1 yr, 10 mths ago.

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Sex: male
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City: Morristown
Country: United States
Job/Studies: Music Producer

Music Interests:
While I enjoy a wide variety of music genres, I now gravitate towards various forms of electronic dance music, mostly in the House genres (Tech, Progressive, Minimal, etc.), but I also like Techno, Ambient, and Trance.

About Me:
Full Sail University graduate of 2013: Music Production Degree

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Night Calls (Original Mix)

Shannon McDowell Jan 14, 2015 1,854 9.5/10 House 77 Play Like Add to Playlist

Nothing [ft. Lokka] (Original Mix)

Shannon McDowell Dec 27, 2014 3,916 N/A Tech House 219 Play Like Add to Playlist
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