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Re Mixing and mastering the last album..3 mths, 1 wk ago.

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3 mths, 1 wk ago saintsofeden posted...
Was going through a bad time when I wrote the song \'One\'.. Check it out, maybe you can relate to it!

5 yrs, 5 mths ago whiz posted...
Hey guys. I just saw ya online and wanted to say that like Ur stuff. Hope U will be active in the forums. Cheers.

7 yrs, 10 mths ago eep posted...
All i have to say is wow, some of the best stuff i've heard in a while, mixed very well.

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Saints of Eden May 23, 2014 1,664 N/A Rock N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Lost So Incompletely

Saints of Eden May 23, 2014 2,222 N/A Alternative N/AN/A Play Like Mix

I'm Outside

Saints of Eden May 23, 2014 243 N/A Metal N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Game Over

Saints of Eden Sep 9, 2008 1,030 9.5/10 Rock N/AN/A Play Like Mix


Saints of Eden Sep 7, 2006 5,134 8.92/10 Hip-Hop N/A10 Play Like Mix

The price ya gotta pay

Saints of Eden Oct 3, 2006 2,908 8.63/10 Industrial Metal N/A321 Play Like Mix


Saints of Eden Jun 6, 2009 850 N/A Breaks N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Never Forgiven

Saints of Eden Apr 12, 2010 3,266 10/10 Drum n Bass N/AN/A Play Like Mix


Saints of Eden Jul 4, 2010 5,368 9.92/10 Breaks N/A8 Play Like Mix


Saints of Eden Oct 1, 2010 2,542 9.25/10 Breaks N/A35 Play Like Mix

All Insane

Saints of Eden Dec 20, 2010 3,163 9.38/10 Rock N/A70 Play Like Mix

Game Over (Crossflow Remix)

Saints of Eden Jan 14, 2011 1,057 9.7/10 Breaks N/A60 Play Like Mix


Saints of Eden Jul 23, 2012 1,696 10/10 Electro Rock N/A5 Play Like Mix

So You Wanna Be Famous?

Saints of Eden Oct 19, 2012 970 9/10 Breaks N/A14 Play Like Mix
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