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5 years, 6 months ago djdarroo posted...
Hey bro Cool Traxx add me on MSN lets collaberate !

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Sex: male
My Email: tom@wanking.bedroom
Total Points: 596
AOL (IM): mitch1985
City: sheffield
Country: United Kingdom
Job/Studies: postman

Music Interests:
trance production, dance uplifting stuff,going to clubs,

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Raikkonen - City Of Angels (07 Winter Mix)

Uploaded Mar 1, 2007, 2,551 listens, avg rating: 9.83/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 216), Genre: Progressive Trance

Raikkonen - A New Love

Uploaded Mar 27, 2007, 2,478 listens, avg rating: 9.33/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 30), Genre: Trance

Raikkonen - Runaway with me

Uploaded Apr 2, 2007, 1,850 listens, avg rating: 9.5/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 364), Genre: Trance

Raikkonen - You & Me

Uploaded Dec 17, 2007, 3,815 listens, avg rating: 10/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 43), Genre: Hard Trance

Raikkonen - ESS-K - Follow the Sun (Raikk remix)

Uploaded Mar 27, 2008, 1,004 listens, avg rating: 8.75/10     Rank: N/A (Peak: 329), Genre: Trance

Raikkonen - Green Alert

Uploaded Jan 2, 2009, 625 listens, avg rating: 9/10     Rank: N/A , Genre: Hard Trance
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