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Dimitri from Paris - Promo Mix

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Shieldz December '09 Mix

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Miss Nine - Nine Sessions (November 2009)

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2 years, 5 months ago ppb posted...
well it's weird for this i like thing...about selling music i think i will give up...i selled bad music when the recession was not strong like today and now that i make "good" music nobody buy anymore....i'm a bit tired and even on idj i got 1 review for 10 i give...everybody want to be a star today...things are changing since a while...the modern music world is a trick...i'm a fool...

2 years, 5 months ago ppb posted...
hey michael, i just wondered...i have 1 "i like" on my main artist page and "49" i like in the stream all section...wtf ???!!!!

2 years, 5 months ago ppb posted...
you could "merge" the code (i'm not sure what you mean) but it would be great if songs could be sold the same way soundclick does...nobody is listening electronic music on soundclick but their page and system are perfect, but they don't promote their artists...idj may become an opportunity for a lot of us perhaps...well like i said it's harder and harder to sell music, the recession hit hard !

2 years, 5 months ago ppb posted...
i just saw you added a "link to buy" a good alternative ! thanks michael

2 years, 5 months ago ppb posted...
i admit the site is more clean with your new design, i'd like bbcode to set active link, the problem with bandv2 is that you can't delete what you posted, it would be better if songs could be sold like on soundclick (just few click to sell your song from the song edition and make album by clicking on your active song list of your artist page) this are the reason i don't use bandV2.. An editable album/single list for sell where you can retire and set easyly songs for sell is very good...i'm on soundclick but nobody look my page this site became a "beats" garbage but on idj peoples listen to electronic music and i would have a chance to sell on it maybe...btw peoples buy less and less music this era since 2010...the cd is almost dead...i think you should make a more simple way for artist to sell their songs on idj...if people can make album for sell from their artist page and only click a song for sell in the music manager and retire it when it please it, then i would invest time to try selling my music in idj...

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