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Striving to be an uplifting spirit through musical influence.2 yrs, 3 mths ago.

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anything that can be cut, slashed, and thrown into a dance party

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Hard Tech

DJ Aaxe May 29, 2012 87 N/A Experimental N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Need U Baby

DJ Aaxe May 29, 2012 76 N/A Hard Rock N/AN/A Play Like Mix

House Me

DJ Aaxe May 30, 2012 173 N/A Minimal House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

New House

DJ Aaxe Jan 29, 2013 1,105 N/A Tech House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

I'm a Pirate

DJ Aaxe Feb 5, 2013 83 N/A Hard House N/AN/A Play Like Mix
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