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City: oklahoma city
Country: United States

About Me:
Born and raised in South Oklahoma City, fizztech produces a sound unlike anything heard in Oklahoma. His choreographed melodies and unbridled rhythms are changing the way that everyone is thinking about electronic music. Inspired not only by a wide array of electronic musicians, he has also been influenced by other genres such as Punk, Big Band, and Hip Hop. One look around his workspace and it''s easy to see that this is more than just a hobby. From the growing collection of drum machines and keyboards to the graphic design artwork hanging from the walls, it is a true artists'' environment. As Derek continues to grow as an artist, so does his popularity. His talent has landed him many shows locally and nationally, inlcuding multiple guest spots DJing for local radio station KOKF 90.9 on their "Weekend Party Mix" show and a spot at Electro Nights (a Las Vegas nightclub). His first artist release was his album aesthetics (spring 2004) and he is currently collaborating with Sony Music recording artist Sarah Hines to turn out new tracks for his summer EP.

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fizztech - everyone's dancing

fizztech Aug 3, 2005 1,769 8/10 Ambient N/A156 Play Like Add to Playlist

fizztech - my body

fizztech Aug 3, 2005 2,372 9.17/10 Funky Breaks N/A124 Play Like Add to Playlist

fizztech - not me

fizztech Aug 4, 2005 3,065 8.77/10 Electroclash N/A29 Play Like Add to Playlist

fizztech - on the line

fizztech Aug 5, 2005 1,861 9.25/10 Nu Skool Breaks N/A132 Play Like Add to Playlist

fizztech - running from you

fizztech Aug 5, 2005 1,790 9/10 Funky Breaks N/A151 Play Like Add to Playlist

fizztech - yomama

fizztech Aug 5, 2005 1,756 9.25/10 Ambient Groove N/A174 Play Like Add to Playlist

fizztech - music's like the ocean

fizztech Aug 5, 2005 2,948 8.2/10 Tech Step N/A91 Play Like Add to Playlist
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