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Sex: male
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City: Atlanta
Country: United States

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Mostly all kinds

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JAS Jul 28, 2005 1,252 9.17/10 Downtempo N/A90 Play Like Add to Playlist

Oh My

JAS Jul 29, 2005 1,089 8.67/10 Hip-Hop N/A163 Play Like Add to Playlist


JAS Jul 29, 2005 1,779 7.67/10 Hip-Hop N/A270 Play Like Add to Playlist


JAS Oct 16, 2005 1,126 N/A Hip-Hop N/A159 Play Like Add to Playlist

Tha AM

JAS Nov 4, 2005 961 N/A Hip-Hop N/A223 Play Like Add to Playlist
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