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5 yrs, 4 mths ago FelippeSenne posted...
hi man!!! I've uploaded my newest remix! I'll be very glad if u can spend some time to review it! thanks for ur time! cheers from Brazil! ;)

10 yrs, 10 mths ago Jowie posted...
hey man youre one of my favourites

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City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Job/Studies: student/producer

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Trane/progressive/dance/rnb/hip-hop/euro dance... Paul Van Dyk is my inspiration, one of the worlds best music producder/dj.

More about me:
Currently studying in year 12. Around the clock music producer inspired by Dj Adrenaline & Immenance. I also got close in person with dj Jeffro and his acustic dj Set up system.

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