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New Music Travel D!3 yrs, 4 mths ago.

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3 yrs, 8 mths ago jimmyr posted...
Thank you for the contact. Please feel free to "review" our track(s).

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I Love Music

Del Santo Nov 25, 2010 1,317 N/A House N/AN/A Play Like Mix


Del Santo Dec 1, 2010 1,420 9.33/10 House N/A24 Play Like Mix

bright morning

Del Santo Dec 12, 2010 1,281 N/A Trance N/AN/A Play Like Mix

I free

Del Santo Jan 14, 2011 1,455 8.5/10 Electro House N/A38 Play Like Mix

Map of Tasmania - Del Santo ft. Amanda Palmer.

Del Santo Jan 22, 2011 1,329 7.67/10 Technotrance 33542 Play Like Mix

Feel the Beat

Del Santo Mar 6, 2011 1,451 9.25/10 Electro House N/A23 Play Like Mix

Phuture Bound

Del Santo Mar 8, 2011 1,171 N/A Progressive House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

AFrica (original Mix)

Del Santo Mar 18, 2011 1,561 7.5/10 Progressive House N/A370 Play Like Mix

That Begin's

Del Santo Mar 25, 2011 1,113 N/A House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Transsense - Preview

Del Santo Mar 30, 2011 2,270 N/A Progressive Trance N/AN/A Play Like Mix


Del Santo Apr 10, 2011 1,219 9.33/10 Trance N/A88 Play Like Mix

The Question

Del Santo Apr 20, 2011 1,160 7/10 House N/A448 Play Like Mix


Del Santo Apr 23, 2011 1,263 8.67/10 Trance N/A63 Play Like Mix

Live Set ( Demonstration )

Del Santo May 2, 2011 1,179 N/A House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

New Track( Under construction )

Del Santo May 29, 2011 1,093 9.5/10 House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Just like Candy (Preview)

Del Santo Jun 1, 2011 2,137 9.67/10 Progressive Trance N/A6 Play Like Mix

Beach (Demonstration)

Del Santo Jun 4, 2011 1,154 6/10 Progressive Trance N/A293 Play Like Mix

crazy Mind

Del Santo Jun 17, 2011 1,179 N/A House N/AN/A Play Like Mix

A Trance Travel! Full imagination.

Del Santo Aug 15, 2011 1,115 N/A Trance N/AN/A Play Like Mix

Tonight I Wanna Love You (Feat. Junior Fernandes)

Del Santo Jan 12, 2012 1,081 N/A House N/AN/A Play Like Mix


Del Santo May 10, 2012 1,424 N/A Progressive House N/A143 Play Like Mix
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