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Check out my new track "Find My Heart"!! 3 yrs, 11 mths ago.

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6 yrs, 5 mths ago LoveDeuce posted...
Hi, if you get a sec please review our new track 'satisfied'.. Possibly our best work yet? cheers Love Deuce
7 yrs ago masterdj posted...
grazie Dandeej per il commento riguardo Pint of impact...sono siciliano quindi quando vuoi possiamo benissimo parlare nella nostra madre lingua!ciao!

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City: Milano
Country: Italy
Job/Studies: Producer, Dj & Remixer

About Me:
Dj, remixer, producer, Choreographer, all this is Danny De March. Leaving between, Milan, Brusseles, Stockholm and New York, he grow up in Rochester, Minnesota, and travelled all around the world since he was a boy. Music always been part of his life, dancing, singing, remixing and working sidebyside with all Djs rappresented in fashionandsound.net.
Elite Model Look Contest producer and choreographer since 2000, and now manager for fashionandsound.net; Opinionist to many important italian's tv show as Maurizio Costanzo Show; Mosquito; MTV Supersonic.
1993 was time to realese my first single "Wizard and knight" and since that day I've never stop with dance project as Bacon Popper "Get up and Party" produced by Paola Peroni e Pieradis Rossini; an amizing experience having the chance to work with such a great team. Later on, for TMMC Company, Boiler "Supersonic DJ"and Electro project called Dan Forte "Dance tonite" produced by Mr. Alex Nocera. In 1999 decided it was time to put together Music & fashion in one big project: Fashion&sound. Nowdays Fashion&sound tag has placed in magazines, Tv shows, and in the best clubs around the world, giving always a special fashion flavour. Since summer 2006 Fashion&sound became a tour, special one nights with the best female deejays managed by fashionandsound.net, W-Dj Division; special booking departement that promote female deejays, giving the best support in marketing and sponsorship, and press office, geting bigger day by day! Don't be afraid to collaborate or ask for our team. Good ideas and talented artists are always welcome.

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Inna - Love "Dandeej Remix"

dandeej Jul 20, 2009 3,754 N/A House N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist
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