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9 yrs, 5 mths ago Farcas posted...
hey, your style is very diferent...but I like it...I see you like very much video games, and compose music for games!!! You could listen my song "Run" and tell what you think about it!!! hope to hear from you!!!

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City: Gaylord
Country: United States
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Trance, techno, old-skool electronica, house, and most recently, hardcore.

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One Last Glimmer of Hope

Tranceadelic Apr 12, 2006 2,583 8.75/10 Trance N/A141 Play Like Add to Playlist


Tranceadelic May 27, 2006 1,791 N/A Trip-Hop N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist

Anthem of a Misanthropic Mind

Tranceadelic Jun 9, 2006 17,375 7.4/10 Rave N/A265 Play Like Add to Playlist

Trip Generator

Tranceadelic Jul 1, 2006 2,845 7/10 Trance N/A102 Play Like Add to Playlist

Digital Euphoria

Tranceadelic Aug 28, 2006 2,544 7.5/10 Progressive Trance N/A660 Play Like Add to Playlist

This Is Not Trance

Tranceadelic Aug 31, 2006 2,257 8.5/10 Funky House N/A233 Play Like Add to Playlist

Club Robotnik

Tranceadelic Sep 9, 2006 2,556 N/A Trance N/A235 Play Like Add to Playlist
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