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9 yrs ago DavinciMath posted...
Hey, what's up? Haha thanks for dropping by my page, haha, it's been good times listening to your music, eh, anyways, just wanted to respond to what you had just typed to me. Hmm, ok, late, hahah, take care now, God loves you. Peace and Love. Later brother.
9 yrs ago DjBanza posted...
Hey man, i like ur style, you got some interesting stuff going on. Check me out sometime. I'm normally a Trance artist, but my latest track called Rising Mist is a jazzy/blues track, so I switch it up every now and then. Ne way, peace man, catch ya later. -DJB
9 yrs, 5 mths ago TORK posted...
Hey whats up Xtatic Shiva? How are you? Im just dropping by to give you a shout and to tell you to keep on the production skills coming. I enjoy your compositions dude. Keep the psy alive...hehe later ogopogo

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City: Athens
Country: Greece
Job/Studies: Advertising

Music Interests:
Trance in general but i'm a great fan of the ''oldies''...! The '86-'94 psychedelic era is my favourite and producing that kind of music is my goal...

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