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Sex: male
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Points: 839
City: Jacksonville
Country: United States
Job/Studies: To kill myself without suicide.

Music Interests:
If i think its kewl.

About Me:
Dropin beatz and funkin um up.

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just J vs Dj Disco - This DJ

XiLe Nov 2, 2004 3,684 9.2/10 Breaks N/A38 Play Like Add to Playlist

just J - Have Some Florida Fun

XiLe Apr 23, 2006 2,614 8.5/10 Florida Breaks N/A861 Play Like Add to Playlist

TruS1te - ignition (just J's break mix).

XiLe Apr 24, 2006 3,347 8.25/10 Florida Breaks N/A168 Play Like Add to Playlist


XiLe Apr 27, 2006 2,099 N/A Hip-Hop N/AN/A Play Like Add to Playlist
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